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Sunday, March 18, 2012

{man pants}

Yes, you read that right. I said man pants. As in the most important article of clothing that I own. As in run out immediately and buy yourself a pair. My beloved man pants have been around for quite some time now (much too long for Ryan's liking, I'm sure). If by now you are wondering what man pants are and why in the world any self respecting woman would own a pair, this is the part when I tell you:) The technical name for them is "boyfriend pants" and they come from Victoria's Secret. I just happen to think that man pants has more of a ring to it. And I just happen to kind of resemble a man when I wear them. But seriously, they are my best friend. My man pants are an XS but fit like an XL. They are made that way (hence the boyfriend part). Genius. If I am in a bad mood, if I am freezing cold, if I am sick, if I am just too tired to deal with life, if I have eaten my fair share of cupcakes or engorged myself at dinner....they are there. Alway waiting with their eternal softness, loose waistband that will never ever feel too snug (therefore never adding to the bad mood), they are my dream. Oh, and add a hooded sweatshirt with them and forget. about. it. Seriously. Ryan usually knows it's been a long day if he walks in the door at night and I've got my man pants on. The rest of the world probably knows it's been a long day if they see me in Target and I've got them on. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I hosted a playdate recently and had them on. The house looked great, the kids had their cute little party food all ready to go, and there I was in my man pants. I'm sorry, but sometimes it's just gotta happen. Lately, I've been a lot sick, a little bit lonely, a tad down about the race and the man pants have been making frequent appearances. Sorry hubs. I didn't have many favorites again this week (I kind of stink at that part lately but I'm working on it!) so instead here's an ode to my faithful friend.....my good old man pants. Go ahead and try them....you'll thank me for life;-)