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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have a confession. Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time), I have no idea what to write about or why anyone is actually reading this blog. I check in, I see the numbers and I automatically freak out thinking "Who are these people and why are they are coming here. What is it they are expecting from me?!". I don't know if you are here out of habit, hoping to get a funny self-degrading story, looking for pics of what's being going on with my family, checking out my latest party planning finds or hoping that I've come up with some profound thought for the day (yeah...prob not that). There are times when I find myself with nothing to write and times when my soul is overflowing with new things that the Lord is teaching me and I can't help but share. No matter how intimidating it is to be so completely raw about what goes on in my heart, I am led to share it with you in the hope that even one person will be touched and make it all worthwhile. Still, I often struggle with putting it all out there. I'll often write a post, hit publish and then ask myself what in the world I was thinking exposing my heart to the masses.

I know a girl who is a major fashionista, a former boutique owner and a style blogger. This week she shared that she's been hesitant to post on her "style" blog because God has been working so much in her life that writing about fashion just seems trivial at this point. Since then, she's been writing these amazing, encouraging, uplifting posts about things that really matter. Kourtney has seen the love of her savior transform her life and she can't not share it. She has inspired me this week to keep on keeping on....because when all is said and done, He really is too good to not share. Check her out and add her to your blog roll: kourtneypulitzerstyle@blogspot.com

Oh, and if you want to leave a comment telling me who you are and why you read, I really wouldn't mind. Just sayin..... ;-)



Jill said...

avid reader cause i heart you and your family!

Lindsay said...

enjoy reading from someone so honest and vulnerable. thanks for sharing!