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Monday, March 30, 2009

memory lane

We had another busy weekend! No matter what we do, I love weekends because I just love having Ryan around. In the midst of our spring cleaning, Ryan was determined to to through all of our storage bins in the garage. I am not kidding, my ENTIRE life was in those bins....everything from my Indian Princesses dress and black cabbage patch doll to my prom dresses and the response cards from our wedding. It was crazy to see my whole history laid out before me!! Emma was in heaven-I don't know if it is mostly her age or her personality, but she is always very nostaglic and sentimental and she loved going through everything and asking a million questions about when daddy and I were little. She hit the jackpot with my old stickers and dolls. She found this doll that looks like a smaller version of a barbie doll that she has named Caroline and it hasn't left her side in the past two days. Caroline has quite the 70's wardrobe complete with Vidal Sassoon T shirts and bell bottom jeans :)

Sunday was a great family day! We went to church and brunch and then we took the kids to the circus. It was sooooo good! I don't know who had more fun-me or the kids :) All of the acts were crazy!! The girls favorite parts were the animal tricks and all of the silly stunts by Bello the clown. I think most of all they liked mowing through a bag of cotton candy! Claire slept throught the first half of the show and was mildly entertained through the second half-she was a trooper.

Friday, March 27, 2009

i'm back!!!!!

the princess and the puppy dog

You know it's been too long when it takes you ten minutes to figure out your password to login!!! Life has been crazy busy here and I've been meaning to get back to my blog, so here goes....

We've had two big trips to Disney in the past month! The first was with Ryan's whole family and the second was just the five of us. Ryan had a business trip in Orlando for 5 days, so we all went with him and the girls and I lounged at the pool all day while daddy worked and then we went to the parks with him on his time off. We had so much fun! It's so funny to see the differences in the girl's personalities while we are there. Emma is scared of most of the rides and likes to watch the shows and see the parades and Madeline is begging to go on "rollocoastos". She's big enough to go on the rollercoaster in Mickey's Toontown, but none of the bigger ones yet (she was heartbroken)...maybe next time!

Claire is getting sooooo big! I can't believe she is already 9 1/2 months old. I feel like her birthday is just around the corner. She decided this week that she is way too cool for baby food and wants to eat whatever her sisters are eating and she only wants to feed herself. She has six teeth now and looks so different when she smiles :) She's starting to get some hair and it looks like it might be curly like Madline's. She's not crawling yet, but she kind of "army crawls" and scoots to get where she wants to go. When she is happy she giggles and says dada, but the minutes she gets upset she crys for her mama.

The big news with Madeline is that she is potty trained!!! She woke up one day and decided that she was ready to wear big girl panties and that was it. It took her a few days to figure the whole pooping thing out, but once she got the hang of it, there was no turning back. Emma was the same way with potty training-she just decide one day that she was done with diapers. I really think that it has to be on their terms and they are ready when their ready-no sense in forcing it. When Emma got potty trained, I only let her wear cute litte bikini undies from Gap and now Madeline wears elmo and hello kitty underwear that come up to her belly button. See what having three kids does to you?! Lol. Madeline will probably grow up to be much more well adjusted because of my lack of anal retentiveness when raising her compared to Emma. Poor kids. Mad's favorite movies right now are Annie and Parent Trap. She knows EVERY word to EVERY song from Annie and High School Musical and she sings them with such drama-it's hilarious. She's definatley our little actress.

Emma got her first Webkinz for her birthday, a pink platypus from Grammy and it was by far her favorite gift. She named her Charlotte and she loves to go online to play in Webkinz World. Ryan took the girls on a date the other day and let them each pick out a present and Emma bought a new oufit for Charlotte :) She is getting so grown up and starting to think about reading and writing. She walks around with a notebook and pen and asks how to spell EVERYTHING! I'll admit that sometimes as I'm driving down to road and she's asking me to spell things out for her the ENTIRE time, I am tempted to lose my patience! Her favorite hobby at school is to collect snail shells on the playground. She was coming home everyday with a bookbag full of little tiny shells, so we brought a little container to school to keep in her cubby where she can put all of her shells..she's got quite a collection going. After much begging from Emma, I finally dug my old eraser collection out to give to her. She was in heaven!! We had so much fun looking through them together.

We took the girls to the beach last weekend and it was beautiful!! The weather here is perfect right now-spring in Florida is like a nice, mild summer anywhere else. Perfect for spending our days in the sun under a bright blue sky-I love it! Our pool is just starting to get warmer, not quite swimable yet, but we've been heating up the spa and letting the kids swim in there. A neighbor gave us one of those pull behind bike carts that doubles as a jogging stroller and all three girls fit in it. They LOVE riding in it and I always love getting in an extra workout :) It's been great, because now Ryan and I can run together. A saturday morning run followed by a trip to the farmer's market-there's nothing quite like it!

Claire is in the other room crying-Rex is probably jumping on her. I'll try to post some recent pics later!