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Monday, March 30, 2009

memory lane

We had another busy weekend! No matter what we do, I love weekends because I just love having Ryan around. In the midst of our spring cleaning, Ryan was determined to to through all of our storage bins in the garage. I am not kidding, my ENTIRE life was in those bins....everything from my Indian Princesses dress and black cabbage patch doll to my prom dresses and the response cards from our wedding. It was crazy to see my whole history laid out before me!! Emma was in heaven-I don't know if it is mostly her age or her personality, but she is always very nostaglic and sentimental and she loved going through everything and asking a million questions about when daddy and I were little. She hit the jackpot with my old stickers and dolls. She found this doll that looks like a smaller version of a barbie doll that she has named Caroline and it hasn't left her side in the past two days. Caroline has quite the 70's wardrobe complete with Vidal Sassoon T shirts and bell bottom jeans :)

Sunday was a great family day! We went to church and brunch and then we took the kids to the circus. It was sooooo good! I don't know who had more fun-me or the kids :) All of the acts were crazy!! The girls favorite parts were the animal tricks and all of the silly stunts by Bello the clown. I think most of all they liked mowing through a bag of cotton candy! Claire slept throught the first half of the show and was mildly entertained through the second half-she was a trooper.


The Neal Family said...

1. I love the pics you had done that are on facebook. adorable.
2. love the dolls name :)
3. do you still have your caboodle?
4. your kids weren't scared of the clown? thats GOOD.