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Friday, March 30, 2012

{another fave!}

I need to take a minute to add to my list of favorites because it's still Friday and this is topping my list right now....

5. Jenny: She is the best babysitter. EVER. Here's a little glimpse into why....tonight she showed up a half hour early (allowing me to debate over my wardrobe in peace), with a basketful of eggs fresh from her family's chickens (of course) and asks if it's ok if she cooks the kids "breakfast for dinner" (then excitedly proceeds to fill me in on the whole dinner menu she had in mind)...then she doesn't just crack the eggs open, but hollows them out because she has planned a little egg painting craft for them to do. Oh wait, and then we get home before bedtime and she takes it upon herself to put the kids to bed anyway, even though Ryan and I are sitting right there. Then I go upstairs to say goodnight and she's holding a large book that I've never seen before. I ask her what it is and she informs me that she brings it with her every times she comes and reads the girls their bedtime story out of it...a little each time. Of course she does. Oh, sweet Jenny. My girls couldn't love her more and I don't know if I could either. She's an enormous blessing and a dream come true!