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Friday, March 23, 2012

{friday favorites}

1. SPRING!!!!: I thought I would be sad to see winter go...especially with our lack of snow this year. I was WRONG. I can't get enough of the warm weather. It's ahhhhhh-mazimg! The feel of the sun beating down on me, ditching my boots and throwing on flip flops, driving with the sunroof open and the windows down, long walks with my girls, tired and dirty kids at the end of the day, tan lines....I'll take it!

2. my backyard: I am love love loving spending my afternoons(and mornings and evenings for that matter) in the backyard. Giving my girls a picnic lunch, watching them play and laugh together, reading a book while soaking up some sun at nap time, planting herbs and flowers, swinging on the swingest(Yes, I do this. Alone. Even when my kids aren't around. Major nerd)....I CAN'T GET ENOUGH.

3. reading: I have always loved to read, but I often go through phases where I just don't have the time (or I fall asleep by the third page). I have started reading at nap time and it's been wonderful. I love the refreshing escape in the middle of my day that helps me unwind and get ready for round two. I'm almost finished with this week's book...can't wait to pick out another!

4. fresh brewed orange iced tea: self explanatory....brew some tea, squeeze in a few oranges, pour over ice and devour. I drink this by the pitcherful. Heaven.

5. maxi dresses: Love. Obsessed. Never ever get sick of them. It's the perfect blend of casual and chic, day time or date time. I'm pretty sure I've been wearing a maxi dress for a week straight. I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna stop anytime soon.

6. birthday parties: Who doesn't love a good birthday party (other than most husbands I have come across)? I love to throw parties and I love to go to parties. They are fun, they are festive and they feed you cake: what's not to love? When you are a mom of small children, there's always a party. We are in full on party mode...spring has a way of doing that. Four this weekend alone. That's a lot of fun...and a lot of cake. Don't mind if I do!

So there you have it, a few highlights from my week. ON TIME. Imagine that. Hope you all enjoy your weekend...I know I'll be enjoying mine:-)