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Friday, March 2, 2012

{friday favorites}

My bff happens to be an amazing photographer and she also has a blog that I just love to read (mariaglassfordphotography.com...check her out!). My very favorite part of her blog is her "friday favorites". I love to check in each week and get a little glimpse of what's been going on in her life through her self proclaimed favorite things of the moment. I love it so much I decided to steal the idea for myself. If nothing else, hopefully it will keep me accountable to not let forever go between posts and will give you something to look forward to reading. Let's get started!

1. long runs: I ran 20 miles on Tuesday. I'm not gonna lie, I feel kinda like super woman. I have always loved to run and it's always been an area that I'm naturally gifted in, but 20 miles seemed unreal not too long ago. It was incredible to be in the middle. of. nowhere. three towns away from home, knowing that I got there on FOOT. The adrenaline was already kicking in that day, so much so that there was even a little bit of sprinting involved on the homestretch. Cannot wait for race day after that!!!!!:)

2. white flowers: Call me boring or plain, but white has always been my favorite color (so much so that I had my bridesmaids wear it...so much for standing out on my wedding day!). I love the pureness and crispness of it...I love how it's not limiting and goes with everything. I keep finding myself in the grocery store selecting fresh flowers for the house each week and bypassing all of the beautifully colored bouquets for the simple white beauties. And I just love how they look all around my house!

3. The Bachelor: I know, I know. Me and the rest of America. Or at least me and the rest of the normal Americans;-). It's a train wreck that I cannot ever and will not ever turn away from. And even though Courtney is so horrible and Ben is such a ridiculously shallow loser for choosing her, the horribleness of it makes me love it even more. What's life without a few guilty pleasures, right?

4. kale: In soups, in salads, roasted and salted and turned into "chips"....anyway I can get my hands on it, kale is my go to food of the moment!

5. date night: I know I've said this before, but having a set in stone date night every single week is a little bit a m a z i n g. I got another cutesy 'date night' text from my hubby this week and it totally made my day. There's something about knowing that come 5:30 I am OUT THE DOOR that makes the rest of the day just automatically lighter and brighter.

There you have it, just a snippet of my highlights from the week...I really could go on all night but I've gotta save something for next friday. Happy weekend!;-)