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Thursday, August 7, 2008

you know it's time to potty train when....

*"yucky mommy, i pooped" is part of her daily vocabulary
*she sees a diaper and screams "ew, gross!"
*she takes her diaper off every chance she gets...even if she has to pull down her pants to do it
*she tries to change her own dirty diaper and comes running to you with a wipe full of poop

Sounds great in theory, but then you put her on the potty and she yells, "No like the potty, mommy. No like it!".

AAAHHH! If she wasn't so cute, she might be driving me crazy right now.


taisleyred said...

allie!!! i found you on jen's blogger. how the heck are you? where are you living? how is kristin? i would LOVE to reconnect with her. Please pass me her email or tell her to email me- taisleyred@gmail.com. Love and hugs to your whole family- mom, dad and tim too. Such a wonderful family you whites are!!!