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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

simple pleasures

Ryan got home a little early from work today. I LOVE when that happens! He was home in time to catch the tail end of naptime, so we got to float together in the pool in peace and quiet for a little while!!! When the girls woke up we went on a family walk to get ice cream at 7-11. Emma rode her bike and Ry and I took turns pulling the two little ones in the wagon. We always laugh when Emma is on her bike, because she looks so nerdy with her enormous Strawberry Shortcake helmet on and her skinny legs wobbling around as she pedals. It's so fun to watch her ride because she takes on this whole "adventerous/the world is mine to explore" attitude when she is on her bike. She rides around and comments on the world around her like she is taking it all in. At one point a lady drove by us and Emma looks at her with her nose turned up and says to us, "Hmmm that lady looks kinda like interesting". Or, "See that bird? It is so still on the water and it looks like a statue, but it's actually a real bird." She also loves to search out anything pink that she can find out in the big world. Today we saw a few pink lounge chairs out by somebody's pool. Too cool. Doing these simple things with my whole family are what I love the most :)


Sweet Treats and Baby Feet said...

Doesn't everything seem better when your husband is home? Sounds like you guys had a great night:) How does Claire ride in the wagon??? I am guessing in her car seat?

The Neal Family said...

this is why i've quit my job. i need to be home more so my hubby can come home and i'm relaxed and enjoying my time with my baby! i'm a ball of stress all the time and never take the time to just 'go for walks' with my family.

ali i heard you're coming up in december. can we all get together with the kids?

jbattjer said...

Ali, I can't wait for family walks! I also love when Chris gets home early.. he did it 2x this week!