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Monday, August 11, 2008

just another manic monday

can you tell who's sick and who's not?

loving the dragon playground

posing with the mannequins

sleepy baby

So today it's Madeline's turn to be sick. She was up last night with a terrible cough and a fever and she is prone to having respiratory issues, so I knew that a trip to the doctor was inevitable. Once again, the whole gang spent the morning sitting in the doctor's office. Madeline was coughing so hard that she threw up all over me and all over herself in the carseat on the way home. The doc loaded us up with meds though, so hopefully she'll be back to normal in no time.

Emma was devastated on the way home from the doctor that we weren't gonna have enough fun today. She was heartbroken driving past the library, Barnes & Noble and Chick Fil A knowing that we couldn't go anywhere but home to let Maddy get some rest. So far we're having a lazy day at home watching movies in our jammies and eating popcorn. I have to admit, sometimes I love a good sick day when you have an excuse to just be lazy :)

We had a pretty low key weekend. Ryan and I both had the shopping bug on Sunday, so we took the girls to Coconut Point. They had fun playing at the "dragon playground", going to the Disney store and of course going to Starbucks. Claire slept the entire time...she took a six hour nap! And best of all, Ryan and I actually got to do some shopping for ourselves :) Emma was a ham all day, wanting to pose for pictures. Here are a few...


Sweet Treats and Baby Feet said...

Claire is so sweet! They all are! It seems like you guys had a great time shopping...and a 6 hour nap!