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Monday, August 4, 2008

home again...just in time for torture

We're back! We had a great last day in Orlando today. The girls started off the morning by making pancakes with Grammy (loaded with chocolate chips and sprinkles, of course!), playing Pop Pop's drums and playing "freeze dance" (Emma's idea...since when does she know what freeze dance is?!). After all of that excitement, we went to visit Pop Pop at work to say goodbye. My mom and I spent the morning shopping and then after lunch we hit the road. All three girls slept almost the ENTIRE way home, which made a great trip for me! I had a good three hours of peace and quiet to drink my starbucks, listen to music and do a few crunches. Yes, it is possible to do crunches while you drive...leave it to me to figure out how! I know I am a loser, but if you went from a size 1 to a size I dont even know what in 9 short months, you would also do anything it takes to make the weight go away!!! Which leads me to boot camp. Our first night was tonight...it was so hard, I loved every second of it. The meal plan Ed put us on is insane...I can pretty much eat NOTHING for the month of August. I don't care, though....our trip to Atlantis is in 8 weeks and I am determined to be back to normal by then! I have lost about 54 of my 70 pounds so far and I am hoping that this torture will be enough to take the rest off. Yes, I said 70. Yes, I am the fattest pregnant person that ever existed. Yes, that is why I am never having another child.

Daddy comes home in two more days! We all miss him so much and are sad without him here. I am glad that we went away for a few days to make the time pass faster, but now that we are home I am ready for Ryan to be home too. It was great to spend the past few days with my parents. We all had a great time and I know that it meant a lot to them to have us there. It was good to see them in such good spirits :)


Four Boys and a Girl..On Our Journey with Five Kids. said...

I'm glad you had such a great time in Orlando!! Sounds like fun!
I can't believe your SO close to your original weight already!! That is crazy- you gain 70 pounds, but you also lose it so quickly!

Playground is at my dad's pool in the Lakes this week (neighborhood next to Vicky's). What days are you going to end up working??

jbattjer said...

Ali, you are doing an amazing job on the weight loss! You can do it.. it's good you are sooo motivated! Just out of curiousity.... did you gain a lot w/ all your pregnancies or just Claire? I love how you say and this is why I am never having another child again:) You look so pretty in that pic w/ your girls!