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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

rain rain go away

Emma's Masterpiece

Maddy's masterpiece ;)

They took it upon themselves to go to the bathroom to clean up

Today was a long day! We were housebound all day thanks to the tropical storm. School was cancelled and the daycare at the gym was closed along with pretty much every other place in town. So...what do you do all day at home with a preschooler, a toddler and a baby? You paint! One of the girls favorite things to do is paint....Emma loves to be creative and Madeline loves to make a mess. I let them loose with some paints for a while and they had so much fun. I think it took me longer to clean it up than they actually spent making the mess :)


Brandi said...

You are such a nice mom to allow that mess! It's worth it for those stinking cute pictures too!


Four Boys and a Girl..On Our Journey with Five Kids. said...

wow, looks like fun..for them, anyway!
okay, seriously, i guess i have not seen cute little claire in forever because she doesn't even look the same!! she is getting SO big already!!!

jessica said...

isn't that always the way, my kids love playdoh, i find playdoh for days afterwards, but it keeps them entertained for a few minutes!

jbattjer said...

That sounds like sooo much fun! A rainy day, painting and making a mess! Looks like the girls had fun. Claire is getting so big and she's so cute!

Sweet Treats and Baby Feet said...

You are brave!!! The thought of paint gives me the chills! Looks like everyone had fun, though. Claire is so cute and she looks so sweet. Maybe someday I will get to meet her;)