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Friday, August 8, 2008

my baby's sick :(

Claire had her first "sick" visit at the doctor today:( She has been up the past two nights doing this scary coughing/ gagging/ choking/puking thing so I took her in this morning to get checked out. It turns out that she has an ear infection and the drainage is causing the coughing which then causes the gagging and choking,etc. My poor baby. She also has thrush in her mouth, so she will be on several medications for the next week. The nurse said that her cough will get worse before it gets better, so it looks like we have a few restless nights ahead of us...fun. It breaks my heart to see her not feeling well...she's way too little to be sick :( She's a trooper, though. Other than her struggle with the coughing fits, she isn't cranky at all. She loves to smile at us and is starting to make those cute little cooing sounds. My favorite part of the day with her is when I am nursing her and she stares up at me the whole time. Every now and then she'll take a break to smile and coo at me and then she'll start eating again. She's so precious!


jbattjer said...

Poor Claire... I am so not looking forward to having a sick baby! I can imagine how it must just break your heart!!!! Hope she gets better soon!

Four Boys and a Girl..On Our Journey with Five Kids. said...

Aww I hope little Claire feels better soon!! I hate when they get sick when they are soo little. :( Hope your week was great and you didn't starve too much. :)

The Neal Family said...

Caroline and I got thrush in the beginning too. We had to do drops in her mouth. :( But the doctor assured me that the medicine they get for it tastes good if that makes you feel ANY better.

Poor Claire and poor YOU. You must be so worn out!

Sweet Treats and Baby Feet said...

Poor Claire! I hate when they are sick, too! Hang in there~
I thought about you this weekend when we were in the car with the kids for 6 hours. My kids were not good and did not sleep for hardly any of the trip...what's your secret????!!!