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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

white trash

I am oficially white trash. So, tonight was Ryan's last night out of town and my friend Dana's husband Matt is also away. That said, Dana told us about a new restaurant that just opened and was having a grand opening party tonight with free food and wanted to know if I wanted to meet them there for dinner. She said the pizza is great, her daughter loved it, etc. Sounds great, right? Free dinner, hanging out with friends, pizza is pretty kid friendly. So we show up right from bootcamp and I am DRIPPING in sweat...(I would be mortified to go into McDonald's looking like I did) and it turns out that this "pizza" place is in reality this really trendy new bar/restaurant that is having a red carpet grand opening party with these beautiful seven feet tall women in their slinky black dresses working the door. Everyone inside is there all dressed up, sipping their wine, enjoying a night out and here we are, the sweaty crew in gym clothes with FOUR kids (needless to say, the ONLY kids in the place). As I lugged around my baby in her carseat while chasing my two other kids around I couldn't even make eye contact with a single person there because I was so embarrassed by my white trashness. Serves me right for going out in public like a scrub. Never again!


Sweet Treats and Baby Feet said...

That's so funny! I have many moments of white trash myself but I think it's really just mommy moments! BTW, isn't lugging the car seat the worst! I have started carrying Brooke instead:)

The Neal Family said...

When do I stop using the infant car seat? I can't carry it anymore so I carry her and she's probably 16 lbs or so and sits up. Is she ready for the big seat?

jbattjer said...

LOL.. that is hilarious!!!!!