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Thursday, April 9, 2009

hippity hoppity

.....easter's on it's way! I LOVE holidays!! I think that making holidays special and starting traditions for your family is one of the very best parts of being a mom. Last night, I went out to perform my "easter bunny" duties and spent way too much money as usual. The problem is that Emma usually finds something she absolutely has to have AFTER her birthday and Christmas are over, which means waiting almost another year to get whatever it is. Soooooo the responsibility falls into the hands of the Easter Bunny. This year, the must have item is a Leap Frog computer and it just so happens that Madeline really wants one too and it just wouldn't be fair if the Easter Bunny brought one for one girl and not the other. Luckily, Target is having a big sale on them right now and I was able to get them for about half price. Such a blessing! Not so luckily, the Easter Bunny can't only bring a computer-or their baskets would be empty (and daddy would be missing his reese's peanut butter cup eggs...yum!), but he can't JUST bring candy because the would just be too unhealthy, so there's needs to be some other stuff in the basket (can you see where I am going with this?!). And then there's the fact that I always care way too much about how cute everything is gonna look in the basket, so of course I have to keep that in mind while shopping. Yeah, I tend to have a habit of going overboard.

We have a busy holiday weekend to look forward to and I can't wait! Emma has no school on Friday and we are heading to the water park with some friends. On Saturday morning, the girls are having breakfast with the Easter Bunny and going to a cookie decorating event-fun!! Then we have our easter egg hunt at church on Sunday and I keep hearing Emma tell Madeline that the Easter Bunny is gonna hide eggs in our yard, so apparently we are having one at home too! Sometime between now and then, we've got to find time to color some eggs-every year we seem to leave this for the last minute. And of course, there's always the stress of finalizing everyone's easter outfits...so important :) In the midst of all the chaos, my goal is to not lose sight what easter is really about and to instill in my children that in the end, that's ALL that matters.


The Neal Family said...

You seriously have it all figured out girly! I strive to be the type of mommy that you are.
Target was where the Easter Bunny went in this house as well. YAY!

alisson boyd said...

sara, i sooooo don't have a thing figured out. lol.