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Monday, April 6, 2009

change is in the air

I love change. I thrive on it. In a few months, Emma will be starting Kindergarten and the stress of figuring out which school will be best for her drives me crazy, yet I am excited by the aniticipation of change in our family. I am excited to see what God has in store for us next!! I can't wait to see what changes occur in our daily schedules, routine and relationships as a result of our little girl venturing off into the big world. Emma has gotten into both schools in our neighborhood (I was hoping that she would only get into one, making our decision that much easier...not so lucky.) and we have the next two weeks to decide what we think will be the best fit for her. AGH! The pressures of parenting :)

p.s. three posts so far today....what's wrong with me?!


Sweet Treats and Baby Feet said...

I love reading all of your blog entries. It makes me feel like I know what is going on in your life:) I can't believe that you have a little girl going to K next year. I am already scared of sending Jack!