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Monday, April 13, 2009

easter weekend..continued!

happy girl

funny faces :)

By this point in the weekend, Ryan and I are so worn out that we are going out to dinner in our scrubs. At least the girls still have their dresses on :)

I tried to put Emma's hair in rollers before church. She cried and yelled at me and told me that I made her hideous. Did I ever mention that little girls are often emotional?!

The craziness of our holiday weekend continued on Sunday!! Emma woke up at 6:30 screaming when she saw her easter basket, which of course woke up the entire household :) The girls hunted around the house for eggs until it was light enough (and late enough...trying to be considerate of the neighbors!) to go outside to hunt for some more. They were surprisingly good about sharing the eggs and not fighting for them. An egg had to pretty much smack Madeline in the face in order for her to see it, so Emma was a great big sister and helped point out eggs to her. The Leap Frog computers from the easter bunny were a huge hit!! Ryan and Iourselves all were enjoying a day of silence as the girls had their faces glued to their games and wondering why we hadn't bought them sooner :) The girls were already starting to meltdown by 8:30 in the morning. After church, we went to Grandma & Grampa's house for brunch...yum! Then we came home and Ryan and the girls took naps and I floated in the pool. Then we went out to dinner (and actually ate in peace thanks to the Leapsters!!) and took the girls to see the Hannah Montana movie. They loved it-Emma would get all shy and try to hide her head whenever there was a romantic scene and Madeline laughed at the top of her lungs (by far the loudest person in the whole theater) whenever there was a funny scene. The girls were wiped out from a long weekend of nonstop fun and too much candy. Emma passed out immediately in the car on the way home and ended up sleeping all night in her easter dress. Madeline was so overtired that she fought going to bed and stayed up until 10:45 screaming her head off. Claire was just going with the flow as usual :) You think I would've learned my lesson and made the kids stay home and get well rested today, but it was Emma's last day off of school and we spent the afternoon playing at Chick fil A with friends instead. I guess tomorrow will have to be our day for getting back to reality.


Sweet Treats and Baby Feet said...

i love that emma said you made her look hideous! too funny!

The Neal Family said...

you probably did make her look hideous. you're such a rude mom with such bad taste !hahahaha
i'm so doomed. Mine already kicks me and hits me when we try to get dressed in the a.m.