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Thursday, July 24, 2008

what's new with the girls

Claire is six weeks old now and is getting way too big already. We went to the Dr. last week and she was almost 12 pounds! I went through her drawers this morning and had to get rid of some of her first outfits that she has now outgrown. It was sad knowing that I would most likely never have a need for those tiny outfits again. If Claire had it her way, she would sleep all day long. If she is awake for more than an hour at a time, she's not very happy about it. I torture her in the evenings and make her stay awake for a few hours so that she'll sleep for me at night. Her nights are pretty unpredictable. Every now and then I'll get about 8 or 9 hours of sleep out of her and then there are nights like last night when she was wide awake from 3am to 5am and just wanted to play. She was so cute, I was almost tempted to stay awake with her, but then I remembered how exhausted I would be in the morning, so I let her lie there and entertain herself while I slept!

Madeline has four loves in her life. Kung Fu Panda, Chuck E. Cheese, Disney and my friend Dana. She walks around asking for one of these four things all day long. All I hear is "Yeah, Kung Panna" or "Mommy, I go Stinney (Disney)" or she'll chant "Chuck E. Cheese" over and over again. Everytime we get in the car she is beside herself with excitement because she thinks that we are either going to Dana's house, to the movies to see Kung Panna or to Disney or Chuck E. Cheese. Imagine her disappointment when she realizes that we are just going to the gym or to the grocery store! I can't believe how much she is talking now. She really can say almost anything and understands everything we say to her. She's becoming more of a big girl everyday...now we just need to get rid of those diapers!

Emma is still in school for the summer. She goes two days a week and I am convinced that her sole purpose for going is to chase the boys with her girlfriends. All I hear about when she comes home is what boys were at school that day and which ones she sat with at lunch. Boy, does she take after her mommy. Boy crazy already. We have been spending a lot of time in the pool this summer and she is such a good swimmer..she loves to do all kinds of crazy jumps in the water and is trying to learn how to dive. She is loving being a big sister...she dotes Madeline and Claire all day long. So sweet!


The Neal Family said...

Sounds like Emma is just like her mommy was....remember the Jimmy Jackson picture in your room when Elaine Jackson was showing it.
We were nuts! ah such good memories.
Your girls are beautiful and you look awesome. So nice to get back in touch with friends from so long ago. I still remember sitting in front of your house harassing poor Mike Snyder and Beth and I always bring up how we were NOT Michael Bolton people but you and Jill were at your birthday party. We were so ridiculous.

Sweet Treats and Baby Feet said...

Your girls are so precious! I can't figure out who Claire looks like but I am sure it changes everyday anyway! I give you a lot of credit...three kids must be so much work but of course so much fun! I forgot about our "obsession" with Jimmy! I actually do real estate with his mom now:) I agree that the blogs are a great way to stay connected!