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Friday, July 25, 2008

dress like a cow!

Oh, the levels we stoop to! As a mother of preschoolers, Chick-Fil-A has become my hangout. The other day they had a "Dress like a cow, Eat free chicken" day, so Maria and I took the kids for lunch. The kids dressed up, we all ate for free and Maria and I got in a few good hours of girltalk while the kids played and chased a giant cow around the restaurant all day! Nothing like sitting with girlfriends in the AC while the kids can run around unattended and play!


Four Boys and a Girl..On Our Journey with Five Kids. said...

And what a fun day it was... :)

Btw, I LOVE the new pics of the girls!! You need to get on facebook more so you can add tons of pictures. I want to see more!!!

jessica said...

hey ali,
so fun to read about your girls. we missed dress like a cow day and i was so sad! ;-) wish we could have a playdate!

alisson boyd said...

i wish we could, too! i miss you guys. do you have a blog?

Melanie said...

did you make their outfits? that is too cute. I was at chick-fil-a today, no free food though.

jessica said...

we miss you too ali. no blog yet but you are inspiring me! ;-) it might not be too long. i am on facebook alot. do you still have the same email?