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Friday, July 25, 2008

what i'm loving right now

I thought I'd write about some things I am loving right now....it will be fun for me to look back on this later and remember what was going on in my world this summer. Here I go, in no particular order:

1. Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. I admit it, I am addicted! Who ever knew that I would willingly watch a show starring Tori Spelling. Whenever I watch it, I find myself cracking up at how crazy and quirky she is. Sometimes she reminds me a lot of myself.

2. Floating in the pool and reading a book during naptime. I dread the day that Emma gives up her nap for good. Having three girls sleeping at the same time is a huge blessing!

3. My Hooter Hider, Co-Sleeper and Peg Perego Centro Stroller...three things I didn't have the last two times around that are making my life much easier with this one. How did I live without them?!

4. Having rational conversations with Emma...it amazes me everyday how grown up she has become.

5. Listening to Madeline talk in her adorable baby voice and being amazed at all of the new things she is saying.

6. The way Claire looks like a caterpillar when she is swaddled at bedtime...and looking at her big blue eyes when she is actually awake.

7. Boot camp classes that kick my butt and leave me sore for days...and Yoga/Pilates classes to help ease the pain afterwards.

8. All things vegetarian...I am slowly phasing meat out of my diet and I am wanting to eat veggies like crazy.

9. Home shopping parties (Pampered Chef, Jewelry, etc.) that really never offer anything that I want to buy, but are a great excuse to have a night out with the girls to eat, drink and socialize.

10. Quiet summer nights at home with Ryan, enjoying each other's company after the girls have gone to bed. If only the hot tub wasn't broken :( It's about time we called the pool guy to fix it.

11. Getting back in touch with long lost friends through Blogger and MySpace. It's funny how something as huge as the internet can sometimes make the world seem like a much smaller place.


Vicky said...

i thought i might be part of this list

alisson boyd said...

i thought it went without saying :)