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Thursday, July 24, 2008

growing up so fast

Emma had her first stint as a cheerleader last weekend! She attended a workshop on Saturday at her dance school to learn a cheer dance and then they performed at the Miracle's baseball game on Sunday night. It was way too cute! Emma and her friends Madeline and Victoria were the youngest girls there, but they have been dancing with Miss Dawn for so long that she thought they were ready to try this out. Each little girl got paired up with an older partner to "lift" her in the air during the routine. Emma's partner was seven, so needless to say she didn't get lifted very high :) Emma was a little too good at it....she's always had a thing for shaking her hips. Fine now, not too good in about 10 years! We've got our work cut out for us. Of course I had tears in my eyes the whole time watching her. I just couldn't believe that my little girl has gotten big enough to be down there on that field in this huge stadium performing in front of all those people. Where has the time gone? Emma loved every second of it and has decided that shaking her booty is way more fun than taking tap or ballet, so it looks like those days are over for us and she will start taking cheer dance classes in the fall. Afterwards we stayed and watched the game and the girls had fun playing in the stands with their friends and eating some junk food. All in all , it was a great summer night!