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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

big girl bed!!!!

We finally moved Claire to her big girl bed. After months of her waking up cold and uncomfortable several times a night (and me getting no sleep feeling like I still had a newborn), we finally pulled the plug and took the crib away. She was a little resistant at first, awake and screaming at 1 am the first night, begging for her crib, but she soon fell back asleep and has been sleeping like a champ ever since! The sweetest part is when I can overhear her and Madeline talking and playing with each other when they wake up in the morning. This week has been the first time since we moved that I have slept through the night. I am so much more rested and so much less grumpy when the morning hits :) I can't believe that it was this easy or that it took me this long to ditch the crib....but Claire is in no hurry to be a big girl and I am in no hurry for my baby to grow up. I know it's inevitable, but I plan on delaying it as long as possible! Now we're gearing up to start potty training....eventually!! ;)


What a Wonderful World said...

aw, your little one in the crib. I felt sad and excited when jake was out of his crib, He lookes so small... Times flies doesn't it?