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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

62. a full night's sleep

63. consuming tons of cake on a saturday (and having cake-worthy events to attend!)
64. making valentines with madeline
65. when claire tells me "'I'm so proud of you"
66. selling cookies with my girl scout :)
67. cilantro
68. tanning (and feeling heat on my body for the first time in months!)
69. an hour alone in target
70. j crew's extra 40% off sale
71. my inlaws living a mile away
72. God's provision for my every need
73. spur of the moment date nights with my hubby (courtesy of rach)
74. whole foods!!
75. pushing myself to the limit on the treadmill
76. swimming laps then sitting in the hot tub
77. having sore muscles for the first time in months
78. distressed boyfriend jeans
79. gelato