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Thursday, November 20, 2008

who's er daddy?

Tuesday night we had an awesome family night out with the Henley's!! We took the girls to dinner and then to the movies to see Madagascar 2 (otherwise known as "MOVE IT" in our house). The eight of us were the only ones in the theater until a group of octogenarians decided they felt like watching an animated movie for the evening (which we all thought was kind of random). All was fine until Madeline, who has no concept of an "inside voice" kept yelling "Who's er daddy?" about every character that came on the screen. The 80 year olds were getting so mad at her, one of them actually yelled "shut up" at one point...no joke. After the movie, one of them turned and gave us a 10 second stare down before she left the theater. Needless to say, we were totally amused:) Other than the bitter impatience of the old folks, we had such a fun night. I'm so glad that Norma, Jeremy and Layla decided to join us. It's such a blessing to have friends that feel like family :)


The Neal Family said...

I am seriously annoyed FOR you.