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Monday, November 17, 2008

beautiful day

The weather here was so beautiful today. I packed a picnic lunch and picked Emma up from school then we met some friends at the park for the afternoon. I love days like today :)

Thought I'd share a few of my favorite funny quotes of the day:

After chasing the train at Lakes Park on foot as far as they could, Emma comes running back, completely out of breath and says, "Wow, I just did bootcamp!" Like mother, like daughter :)

Madeline's prayer at bedtime tonight: "Dear God, thank you for help us, for playground for swing" (repeated four times) Amen.

Emma was praying for our new "adopted" Brazilian sister, Brenda. During her prayer she kept stuttering and getting stuck on the word "sister". Emma's like, I pray for our "sis, sis, sis" from the top bunk and Madeline was on the bottom bunk yelling "ter, ter, ter" trying to help Emma along. It's bad when your 2 year old sister is trying to finish your thoughts for you. I guess we can't delay the speech therapy much longer :)

No quotes from Claire today..just a bunch of smiles and some goos and gaas. She loved lying on her blanket in the park all day and rolling around in the grass. The attention from all of Emma's friends wasn't bad, either!