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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{currents faves}

Ok, I realized that I posted a blog update that was really nothing other me saying "hey, I'm gonna write again" which really is saying nothing at all.  2am has turned into 3am and my heart is still racing with yesterday's chick-fil-a iced tea and English toffee k-cups, so I will at least update with a list of my current favorites. Here goes....

1.  California. Ok, since I am not there yet, it is not actually California, but the thought of California. Ever since I was a little girl California, to me, has been the coolest place ever.  I love that I married a California boy who will always hold a big place in his heart for his home state.  This means that every few years we get lured back there for a visit....and the next visit happens to be taking place in t minus 26 hours!!!! Bring. On. The. Sunshine.

2. Loreal B.B cream.  Life changer.  My skin has never looked better...even got my mom, sister & aunt on the bandwagon.  There is no denying it...it's THE BEST.  Thanks Sara for the tip, I owe you!

3.  Kickboxing.  And old love actually, but one I've fallen in love with all over again. Nothing beats an hour of punching and kicking the crap out of a bag....best stress relief EVER.

4.  Spring clothes!!!!!!! I cannot stress this one enough.  I always find myself going a little crazy this time of year.  I hate winter clothes. Despise them.  And my kids?  Please.  They have worn nothing but grey and black for the past four months straight and with weird looking shoes to top it off.  I want to burn their wardrobes at this point.  I have been scooping up spring clothes like crazy and can't wait for us all to wear it all (and to sport tans to go with it).  Which leads me to....

5.  MAXI DRESSES.  This may quite possibly always be my number one love.  Enough said. (Oh, and I love that my little sis is equally as obsessed and every few days we share our finds with each other so neither of us is out of the loop. Wouldn't want to miss out on greatness!).

6.  My preschooler.  For the first time in a long time (since Madeleine was born, really) I have just one girl at home during the day.  I have been adoring every minute with Claire (even though she often talks until my head hurts)....she's my best bud and her affection is ridiculously addicting.  I am savoring every ounce of time I have with my last baby for as long as I have it.

7.  My friends.  Almost three years into our big move and I have my handful of go-to girls that I can't imagine living without...and for that I know I am blessed.

8.  Driving the girls to school.  Ever since Christmas break, we have been skipping the bus and I've been dropping them off at school.  For no other reason except they aren't big fans of the bus and I love watching them hop out of the car and start off on their day...and it buys me an extra 20 minutes with them in the morning.

9.  Serena & Lily catalog. Every page kills me.

10. Party planning.  It's my not so secret obsession and this time of year it sort of consumes me.  But when the big day comes and all the pieces fall into place it is sooooooooooooooo worth it!

11.  This blog.  When I couldn't sleep tonight, I spent hours sitting in a chair reliving the years when my girls were babies...remembering bits and pieces of our past that I wouldn't have ever remembered.  So thankful that I took the time to record it all down: the good, the bad and the ugly...because those times seem like a lifetime ago and at the very least while I read, I can kinda sorta get them back.  Even if it's only in my memory......

I'm off to (hopefully) catch a few hours of sleep before the little one wakes up.  It's so good to be back!