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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{poodle skirts}

I love dressing my kids. I love dressing them in regular clothes, so dressing them in Halloween costumes is just that much more fun. I'm one of those obnoxious moms that starts planning their Halloween costumes in July (or April, or maybe even on November 1st;)). When the girls were babies, I always made their Halloween costumes. The past few years they have worn store bought costumes and I have missed out on the fun that comes with gathering all of the elements of the costume and the excitement when the final look comes together and the hard work pays off. For that reason, I'm back to making costumes this year! Emma decided a few months ago that she really wanted to be a 50's girl. The idea has steamrolled down to the other two, so we are going with a 50's theme for the family. I found this adorable poodle skirt tutu on etsy and I started making it this morning. I'm pretty sure I'll be working straight through naptime today because I can't wait for the finished product!!



Jill said...

i thought that was claire in the picture for a minute! can't wait to see their costumes...ours are ordered and being shipped from old navy and target since i can't go anywhere;(