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Friday, September 16, 2011

{first day of school}

{first day of second grade}

{first bus ride}
{old pro at this}

{always the ham}

hello there.....i know it's been a while! we have been so busy with the winding down of summer and getting ready for school to start up and i've been blog slacking big time. i'm back with a new batch of back to school pics:) we are one week into the school year and the girls are LOVING it. the novelty has not worn off yet, so they are both excitedly still picking out outfits and jumping on the school bus and eagerly doing their homework. can't wait to see how long THAT lasts!;) i am loving our new schedule and routine so far. i'm more than thankful for half day kindergarten and that i don't feel like madeline is too far out of my reach just yet. claire and mad still get to spend their mornings together as busom buddies and i still get to have my girl around for most of the day. when mad goes to school it's naptime for claire (and usually mommy!) and then we have a few quiet hours to ourselves. it's AMAZING. i've vacuumed more in the past week than i have in the past five years. i haven't felt this productive in a long time and i'm loving it! the past few days i've been working on our fall family schedule and i'm amazed at how busy we are getting as the girls get older. next up is ballet & tap for claire (ummmm....adorable!!), gymnastics for madeline and art & girl scouts for emma. so thankful for my "quiver" of girls and the fullness they bring to my life:)