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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

five am

really? we were just getting into a cycle of "sleeping in" around here. the mornings were dark and cold and all three girls were sleeping past seven snuggled in the warmth of their beds. thank you, daylight savings for completely bursting my bubble. claire is now consistently up at 5 everyday (5:10 today, she was kind enough to give me and extra ten minutes). i have tried everything this week to break the cycle....late naps, early naps, late bedtime, early bedtime....nothing is working! as i lie with her in the mornings in the stillness trying to will both of us to go back to sleep, i can't help but think that my days with little ones are numbered...that before i know it the girls will be teenagers and won't need me in the same way....and that the obstacles i face in raising them will make me long for the days when 5 am wake up calls were as hard as it got. so, at least for today, i'm trying to be patient with her and soak in all of her two year old cuteness that i know won't last forever. maybe before long i'll start looking forward to 5am and my chance to be alone with her. maybe??