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Thursday, July 8, 2010

quotes of the day

I love the thousands of little things a day that the girls say that are so distinctive to their personalities....here are my faves from yesterday:

Claire (who I can already tell has a devious side): I walked into her room yesterday and she was sitting playing with Barbies and it was very obviously that she had a dirty diaper. I asked her if she was stinky and she shook her head and told me "No, Barbie did it.".

Madeline (who is always sweet, loving and tries her hardest to make sure everyone around her is happy): I was telling the girls how they grow up so fast and I just want them to stay small and she replied with, "I'm still gonna love you when I'm 12, momma. And even when I'm 13.".

Emma (who loves her dad more than anything in this world): She spent all morning making the perfect art projects for him...drawings of the two of them surrounded by flowers, hearts and butterflies and a poem that said, "I miss you when you are at work. I miss you. I miss you. Every day I miss you." Yup, she has him wrapped around her finger :)

Even when I am exhausted and they are driving me crazy, I try to never lose sight of the fact that each day with tmy girls is such a blessing and these are the moments I will look back on years from now and long for :)


Sweet Treats and Baby Feet said...

loved reading these...loved the barbie comment!