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Monday, June 28, 2010


The soundtrack to my life is very LOUD... I live in in a blur of phone calls, emails, never ending texts, facebook posts and messages (that I barely remember to reply to) and three little girls that are usually screeching, singing, yelling, fighting, begging, pleading, hanging, squeezing....you get the picture. Every once in a while I feel the need to just escape it all...to not talk to another person, answer another text, not check another facebook status, or have a child hanging on me....just for a little while. Yesterday was one of those days....Ryan was sweet enough to recognize that I had not truly been without the kids in a long time (I'm sorry, but after about 7:00 at night, any relaxation I get does not count because the kids are already sleeping....I'm off the clock at that point....and half asleep myself!) so, he let me loose in the world all afternoon all by myself and it was blissful!!! I wandered around Coach (and scored some new sunglasses!), sat on the patio at Carrabba's with sangria, a salad and a good book, shopped a little more, grabbed some coffee and dessert and went to see a movie.....the best part of it all was that other than a goodnight phone call from the kids, I was in total silence...I tucked my iPhone away and enjoyed the peace and quiet of just being me for a few hours.....and it made waking up to the little voices this morning that much sweeter. :)


The Neal Family said...

Totally jealous. AND you're so smart to do this stuff for yourself. I need a date with my hubby AND a date with myself. I don't think I've had a day alone since Caroline was born.