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Thursday, June 11, 2009


So, I took the girls to Toys R Us for a stroll through the store to get birthday gift ideas for Madeline who is the HARDEST kid to shop for!! Emma obsesses over everything she sees and collects about a million different things and Madeline is just not really into anything in particular, making it difficult to know what she would really love. After an hour and a half of scouring the store and walking up and down each and every aisle (they were in heaven!), I asked Mad what her most favorite toy was in the whole store and what she would love to get for her birthday and she says, "Um, how about just gum?". She is so sweet in the way that she's so not demanding and is totally content, but at the same time frustrating for a mommy that thrives on making holidays a big deal!! :)


Anonymous said...

never to early for an american girl doll!! :)

The Neal Family said...

I LOVE THAT KID! she's so stinkin cute and her personality that goes with it is even cuter. gum is what I would've asked for as a kid too. LOL.