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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have not been able to get enough of Madeline lately! I feel like the year from 2 to 3 is such a big leap from a baby/toddler to a little girl and it's so adorable to watch. It might be because Madeline is soooo me in both looks and personality-I swear it's like seeing myself 28 years ago when I look at her, but this little girl just makes my heart want to jump out of my chest.

Here's what she's been up to:

First of all, I could listen to her talk all day. She's so grown up in her vocabulary and what she's saying, yet it all comes out in this little tiny voice that's to die for. She knows every word to pretty much every song she's ever heard and she belts them out, always in tune and always with lots of drama, but it's all in her stinkin cute baby voice.

In her world, nothing is big or small.....EVERYTHING is described as "big giant" or "really tiny baby". And I mean everything-from the size of her pancakes to the length of her nap. I hear these words all day long.

She adores Claire more than anything. Madeline dotes on her all day long and talks to her in this really high pitched voice. If I am not in the room and Claire starts crying, Madeline will run in to get me hysterical that Claire is upset and needs me right away. She can't handle her little sister being unhappy. And she is constantly giving Claire a blankie to comfort her (which Claire could care less about!) but to Madeline, her blankie is her world so it's how she knows how to help.

She wants nothing more than to be just like Emma. Emma just got a new big girl car seat and Madeline cannot handle the fact that she's not big enough for it-she throws all out fits everytime we get into the car. Lately, she's been dressing herself everyday in Emma's clothes that are all two sizes too big.

She wakes up in the morning and is immediately starving and eats enough for an army!! A typical breakfast for Madeline consists of two bowls of cereal (one bowl of each kind), oatmeal, eggs, sausage, yogurt, maybe some kind of fruit....and she has it all spread out before her like a buffet! The part that kills me though, is that a half hour later, she'll come up to me whining that she's hungry and needs a snack. I swear that she thinks eating is a sport :)

Bubble gum is the love of her life right now. She talks about gum all day and is always wondering when her next oppurtunity to get a piece will be. She says that she wants to have a gumball birthday party where we all sit around chewing gum. And nobody can swim at the party of their gum will get wet. No eating cake, either-it will make the gum too yucky! Duh.

She's a champ on the potty. She never needs to be reminded and never needs any help. She does have two rules, though. No watching her go potty and no saying, "yay, you're a big girl!".
Can you only guess what Emma has to do everytime Mad is going potty?! Opening the door and yelling, "yay, big girl!" Big surprise :)

She loves to talk about things that she thinks are really silly and then scrunch her nose up and shake her head any say, "noooo.....we don't do that, that would be silly!"

Lastly, I love her curls!!! When she was a baby and first started getting them, I was a little stressed out, but I have grown to love them. They are bleach blond right now from the pool and sun and they so fit her personality. She'll even tell you-"I have crazy hair!"

So, not to leave out either of my other girls on this post, but Madeline is just at an age where she is really coming into her own and I am in love with getting to know who she is. Besides, every middle child needs their time in the spotlight once in a while :)


ourbabymakesfour said...

Wow Ali! I stay off your blog for 4 days and I miss like 4 posts! Lol. Guess you are back like you said! Sounds like you are enjoying every bit of everything in life right now. Your daugthers all sound so fun :) I enjoyed reading today :)

Alicia said...

I will highly recommend that you continue to praise and adore the middle child. It could be detrimental.

The Neal Family said...

obsessed with your blogging and yes always make time for the middle child :)

i will post tonight...promise.

Sweet Treats and Baby Feet said...

Madeline sounds like she is growing into such a sweet little girl! Hope to see you guys again soon:)